With all of our time spent online over this past year, we wanted to create an experience that was the complete opposite of Zooming in alone behind a screen! We believe in the power of community and shared experiences and that is JUST what this experience has been created to be!

The Weekender is an all-inclusive experience happening in Seattle, Washington from February 4th - 6th. This event is for anyone interested in immersing themselves in a weekend focused on God and creating new friendships!

Included in The Weekender experience will be:
+  3 days and 2 nights of lodging
+  All meals from Friday to Sunday
+  Transportation
+  Mentorship
+  Your Seattle Legacy Conference Ticket
+ New Friendships!

All you have to do is sign up and then show up! We are cultivating the ultimate conference weekend experience. Beginning to end. Pouring our hearts into every detail to make this the best weekend for YOU!




+ transaction fee


STEP 1: Reserve Your Spot!

Due to our limitation, this experience is available on a first come, first serve basis to 14 women. Reserve your spot now by purchasing the ticket at the link below!

Step 2: Make Travel Plans

Depending on where you are coming from, you might need to get in a car or purchase a plane or train ticket. We ask that you arrive in Seattle on February 4th by 1pm and leave no earlier than 2pm on February 6th. Your transportation cost to the event is not included in our ticket price.

Step 3: Get Connected + Acquainted

We want this experience to feel more like finding your long lost sisters in Christ than sitting with a bunch of strangers. So we will start with a group Zoom call two weeks before the event to break the ice, get to know each other, and get excited for a weekend of bonding and experiencing the Lord.

Step 4: SHOW UP!

Pack those bags, get in that car or hop on the plane and arrive ready for a God-filled weekend of building relationships with the Lord and your sisters in Christ.

Step 5: Follow-up Reunion Call

After the conference has come to a close and we return to our regular day-to-day, we’ll all be craving a sweet glimpse back at this weekend. To satisfy this craving, we will host a reunion Zoom call a few weeks after the conference to reconnect and share the ways that we’ve brought the conference teachings home with us.

Sounds pretty fun right?! If you’re in, click the link below and select "The Weekender" ticket option to start your registration process.



1. When is the Weekender?

The Weekender experience starts on Friday, February 4th, at 1:00pm and ends Sunday, February 6th at 2:00pm.

2. How much does registration cost?

$499.00 + $8 fee (to cover transaction fee)

3. What about COVID? How are you doing your best to assure a healthy and safe environment?

Due to the close contact that comes with sharing accommodations with others, we will be requiring either proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the Weekender start time.

4. What is included with my Weekender purchase?

Great question! Transport to and from the Seattle airport, around the city for some sightseeing/exploring and to and from the conference. We will provide dinner Friday, all meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. The Legacy Seattle Conference ticket. Lodging for the weekend. AND… a few little surprises we can’t tell you about :) 

5. Is my transportation to Seattle included?

No, you must plan and pay for your transportation to Seattle separately. Please plan to arrive before 1:00pm on Friday and leave after 2:00pm Sunday.

6. How will I get to the accommodation? How will I meet up with the group?

 This is up to you in terms of getting to Seattle. If you are flying, we will provide pick up at the airport after 1:00pm on Friday. Your host will gather all of your flight info and will schedule carpooling with the group. If you are driving we will send you an address to meet us at around 2:00pm on Friday. Remember, we ask that you book your flight home after 2:00pm on Sunday so we can enjoy our morning together before saying goodbye.

7. Where will we be staying? Who will be staying there?

We will all be staying at a local AirBnb in Seattle. In addition to the 8-12 attendees, we will have hosts and chefs to take care of the weekend’s needs and transportation. Specific location details will be provided as the conference weekend approaches.

8. What if I am local?

We would love to have you! Simply go through the same registration process and instead of picking you up from the airport, we will send you an address of a location to meet us at on Friday by 2:00pm.

9. Is there flexibility to come and go? Can I be late?

 Sorry, but no. Our hope is to enjoy the weekend as a crew together! If you have friends who you want to visit with, plan on arriving a day or two early or extending your trip.

10. Can I get a refund after I register?

Tickets are non-refundable, unless we have a waitlist and are able to fill your spot with another attendee. Only if this is the case, will we be able to refund your ticket.

11. How will I get the more specific details about The Weekender after I register?

We will be keeping some elements of this weekend a surprise, but after registering your host will connect with you directly via email with more information regarding details. Have no fear, we will assure you are fully in the loop with everything.

12. What should I pack? Do I need to bring anything specific?

You won’t need anything too out of the ordinary. About a month out from the event, we will send you a packing list. In terms of clothing - think comfy and cute!

13. Is there a minimum age?

Yup, 18.

14. What if I have dietary restrictions?

No problem at all! As soon as you register, we will be sending out an additional Google form where we will ask for all of this information and more in order to curate a weekend made just for you! We understand the hardship when it comes to food restrictions, and want to honor you and your body during this time together!

15. Will there be alcohol?

Most likely yes. It depends on the women who sign up. By no means will alcohol be the focus of the weekend. If present, it will complement a meal or be used to celebrate after the conference day! It goes without saying, but alcoholic beverages will only be offered to those of age.

16. What if I am pregnant? Can I still attend?

Congratulations, Mama! You are definitely still welcome to join us! Use your best judgement about how far along in the pregnancy you will be and keep in mind any flying limitations. And please talk to your doctor ahead of time. We will be near a hospital, but won’t have medics on-site.

17. What if I’m still not sure?

We totally get it! Bunking with strangers is a bit intimidating. But we hope to make this experience more like finding your long lost sisters in Christ than sitting with strangers. If you’re hesitant, please feel free to reach out and ask the questions on your heart.

More questions? Please email Rachael Baer at rachael@livesalted.com.


Select "The Weekender" on the link above to to start your registration process.