9-3pm pst | $29-$75

ONLINE - February 27th

Welcome to the Pursued Conference!

There has never been a moment when you have been outside of God’s gaze or the focus of His love. You are at the center of His Pursuit and you always will be. However, is He the center of yours?

Join us February 2021 for our fifth round of conferences. We have crafted an online experience like you have never seen! Complete with small groups, breakout sessions, teaching, worship and optional opportunities to do Yoga or HIIT - you are not going to want to miss this!

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He Delights In You

every word you say

Every breath you Breathe

Wait... Six Hours on ZOOM?!

We know this might sound a little crazy, especially this many months into doing life online, but we can assure you - this will be like no other Zoom call you have ever been on before!

Whether you are signing up to be placed in a small group, attending online up with your existing friend group, or tuning in with your friends from a living room we have thought through the schedule making it engaging and varied all day! From worship, to discussion time, to personal reflection, breakout sessions and even a chance to WORK OUT, like we said... it will be like no other Zoom call you have ever been on before, and we are HYPED!

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Even When, Portland 2019

"I had been feeling like I was in a dry season in my faith and this conference was RAIN!"

Even When, Seattle 2019

"I felt God’s presence more strongly during this conference than I ever had before. I didn’t even know I could experience Him like I did during those eight hours."

Even When, LA 2019

"I have not been that spiritually connected since I was about 14, and I am now 20! I totally felt the Holy Spirit in that place, for the first time in a long time and I hope to continue that spiritual “high” after the conference. Thanks for all you to, I cannot wait to attend the next one!”

Even When, Seattle 2019

I came alone and I was super scared, I almost didn’t come but I wasn’t going to let anxiety control my choice! I showed up and was nervous and was almost immediately greeted by some awesome people and made a connection! It was amazing to see a group of wonderful, beautiful Christian women all together!

Reside, Seattle 2018

"Overall I just felt like I was being hugged the whole time. I felt His presence dumping over me in the greatest most unexplainable way possible."

Reside, Portland 2018

"Before the conference, I was so complacent in my faith. I was in such a place of doubt, anxiety, and fear. I was honestly on the brink of giving up on God. I came and took a chance, and wow, God knew I needed this. Nothing in this world fills us or makes as much sense as the Word of God. And I just feel so loved.

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