Worship is a powerful tool to slow down and remember how great God is. Check out some of our favorite worship videos that will make you hunger all the more!

5 Worship Videos That Will Stir Up Hunger In You

Krista Hengesh

Ministering to the Heart of God

I was sitting in a small group one Monday evening and the leaders prefaced our night to be one of ministering to God’s heart. Do you know how you can hear something a few times but then it is stated in just a different way that it makes sense? That is exactly what happened to me that evening. I know the Lord desires for us to create space to thank and appreciate Him, but when my leaders used the word “minister” it changed my whole perspective.

It reminded me that God desires to receive affirmation of who He is, not only thanks and appreciation for what He has done. 

To minister to God’s heart means to sit in His presence and soak in who He is. Not asking for anything. Not petitioning or interceding on behalf of anyone. Maybe not even thanking Him for anything in particular.

To minister to God’s heart means to slow down, stop everything, and focus purely on His character and who He is and revel in it all.

A tool that I have been using now for over a year to get into this space with Jesus are worship videos on YouTube. When I first came across them, I became mesmerized watching the singers in the videos get lost in their love for the Father. I felt like I was watching someone deeply in love with Jesus and I wanted that for myself – it made me hungry for more. Every week is not the same, but I often find myself watching at least one of these videos a day and sometimes hours of them on my sabbath mornings or the weekend.

Sitting and resting and just enjoying God could seem like such a foreign concept, but it is a practice that has changed my life and I hope you give it a shot as well!

TRIBL and UPPERROOM on YouTube are both amazing ministries that post a lot of new content. If you are a YouTuber, I suggest you subscribe so you don’t miss anything. UPPERROOM also goes live from their prayer room most weekdays in the morning, afternoon and evening so if you ever see that up there – listen in… it is powerful!

How to Get in A Posture of Praise

Everyone has their own way of getting into a posture of praise, but if you need a little direction, here is what I do:

  1. Find a place where you can lay down and watch the videos on your device. I lay down on my back on a super squishy mat or on the couch.
  2. Put a blanket over you so you can be warm – this is where I wish I had a weighted blanket because how cozy would that be during this time!
  3. Press play on the video and let your body just completely relax. Focus on the lyrics. Think about what the words mean. Get lost in the melody. You can watch the video with your eyes open, or close them and focus fully on the words. I change it up every time.
  4. Be warned, you might not be able to get up after just one worship song!

Ministering, admiring, and loving Jesus will change you from the inside out.

Be aware of how you are feeling going into this time of worship and how you feel coming out –something shifts inside when you spend time with the One who created you and unconditionally loves you! Enjoy!

5 Worship Videos That Will Stir Up Hunger In You

1) Nothing ElseEdward Rivera

2) Stong Love (Spontaneous)UPPERROOM

3) Good and LovedTravis Greene & Steffany Gretzinger

4) Lean BackCapital City Music

5) You Are The Lord (Spontaneous)UPPERROOM