Do you read the Bible to learn more about yourself or fall more in love with God? You can learn how to read the Bible to discover God’s true character!

How to Read the Bible to Discover God’s True Character

Krista Hengesh

Reading the Bible can be SO intimidating.

Has that thought ever flown past your head? If it has, you are not alone — we have all been there, but the Bible is one of the most powerful tools that Jesus has given us to help understand Him better and we want to be women who use that access point as much as we can!

Emily Jamieson and I (Krista) sat down together to share a few tangible tips on how to read the Bible to discover more about God’s character, as well as do it with you through unpacking the story of “Feeding of the 5000.” Our hope in this video is you can learn from us and see us do it, and then on your own go and do it as well. We want to give you tools so you can have your own intimate encounters with the Living Word!

Make sure you have your Bible, a journal, and a pen nearby when you listen because you are going to need them!


For those of you who are a little less visual and just want a step by step guide on ‘how to’ follow these steps below! If you have any questions please comment or DM us on Insta, we would love to walk alongside you in this!

4 Steps to Discover God’s Character through Reading the Bible

1. Open your Bible to any passage in one of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

– A few suggestions: Woman at the well (John 4), Jesus walking on water (Mark 6:45-56), Bartimaeus receiving his sight (Mark 10:46-52).

2. Read the passage once through taking notice of where the Trinity (Jesus, God, Holy Spirit) is mentioned.
3. After reading the passage, go back and look closely at the places the Trinity is mentioned. I want you to picture yourself back in that environment as if you were there when it was happening. As a bystander, what would you observe about Jesus’ character through His actions and words?
4. Apply those character traits to your own life. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8) so how He acted 2,000+ years ago is how He is going to continue to act today. How incredible is that??

Here is an example from the Feeding of the 5,000 story (Mark 6:30-44):

The apostles gathered around Jesusand reported to himall they had done and taught. – Mark 6:30

If we are to go through the story, this is the first verse we see. Now let’s look closely at the places in which the Trinity (in this case Jesus) was mentioned.

“The apostles gathered around Jesus”

So the apostles gathered around Jesus. Now think if you were standing there observing this, what conclusions would you make about Jesus as a person if people were gathering around Him? Why do YOU choose to gather around someone in general?

  • People want to be near Him
  • He is a safe place
  • People desire His company

So if we can draw that conclusion from the text, then what would that look like for YOU to translate that truth to your life now. What would it look like in a hard time or a good time to also desire Jesus’ company, to want to draw near to Him because He is a safe place?

“Reported to him all they had done and taught”

Then they went and reported to Jesus all they had done. What would you observe about Jesus in that space? When you come home from work or school or a long drive and run to a friend or family member and confide in them, what does that mean about their character?

  • He is a safe place
  • He is good at listening
  • He wants to listen

So… if we can make those conclusions from the text, we can do the same thing in our own lives! Ladies, Jesus is so eager to process life with you and receive all the reports of what you did in a day. He is a safe place and the best listener.

Now it is YOUR TURN! Right now!

Open up your Bible, choose a passage, or finish the story of Feeding the 5000 and GO! Jesus is excited to reveal more of Himself to you through the time you make to be with Him!

Remember to check out our video as well if you want to see Emily + I unpack this scripture even more!