Even When Conference | Portland, OR | February 23rd, 2019

On February 23rd, 2019 women gathered in Portland, Oregon for a packed day of community, worship and teaching on God’s faithfulness and character even when life circumstances are thrown our way. 


The hearts of the women who attended our conference were deeply impacted by what the Lord spoke to them. Here are a few Kingdom truths that women learned + shared with us after reflecting on the the Portland Even When Conference.

Even when I want to do everything on my own and feel ashamed for not running toward Him, God tells me, “you are mine” and reminds me of his unconditional love.
Even when I lose myself, God knows where to find me.
Even when I feel like God is not speaking to me, I can think back to a moments where God has and realized that just because I can’t hear Him, He’s still faithful.
Even when I am tired and exhausted and am in no mood to do anything but sleep God is healing and reviving and oh so willing to heal and revive us.

The Conference