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When the Seasons Meant to Break Us, Save Us


June 2, 2021

Keri Johnson

  1. Vicky says:

    MIss Keri,
    I knew you had stuggled for awhile but I always knew you were seeking Jesus. I, personally, have been seeking him myself. I haven’t always known Jesus personally, but now I do and I hope to keep growing in that direction. Thank you for your openness about your faith. If you lead one person to Jesus Christ then you have done a great job!
    I hope you have brighter days and know that all the stuff in this old world is just that….stuff. No one will remember us in the next couple generations to come but God will know we tried our damdest to make it to Him, as he promised, if we do His will. We can only do what we think He is telling us to do. Keep fishing for those who are lost. You are very good at that and at the end of the day, He will meet you and say “Good work my servant”.
    ILY dearly!

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