About Krista Hengesh

Krista Hengesh is the founder and executive director of Live Salted and is currently living in Seattle, Washington. She loves calling out the potential in others and trusting God at His word that He will do more than we can ever ask for or imagine. Krista loves to be active and outside as much as possible!

Life is a Vapor, Part 1


Time on earth is limited, with moments of hardships, joys, trials, and triumphs. How will you make the most of this “vapor” of time God has gifted you? […]

Life is a Vapor, Part 12020-04-27T11:26:44-07:00

I Am Not A Machine – The Art of Rest + Reflection


If you do not create healthy rhythms in your life to rest and reflect then you will breeze through life unable to see all that Lord is using you to do. I Am Not A Machine - The Art of Rest + Reflection Krista Hengesh "Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested for all the work of creatingthat he had done." - Genesis 2:3 How often do you slow down and reflect upon the "work of creating" you have done? To sit and look back upon all of the things the Lord has used you for. These things could be small or big, have happened in the mundane, or in something completely out of the blue - no measurement exists that will deem something worthy or not of being reflected upon- it is all worthy. The question is not WHAT do you look back on [...]

I Am Not A Machine – The Art of Rest + Reflection2020-05-21T13:31:59-07:00

Live Entrusted


When you understand that you are “entrusted” by God to carry out good works, the only reasonable reaction is to trust Him him all the more. […]

Live Entrusted2020-05-19T10:57:14-07:00

Live Vertically


Instead of looking to your left and right for your value and worth, look vertically towards your Creator and God – what He affirms you in is eternal.  […]

Live Vertically2020-05-19T11:48:09-07:00
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