A well-curated resource library to help you grow in your discipleship to Jesus and help lead others to do the same.

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Inspire your intimacy & passion for Jesus

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Are you seeking guidance, practical tips, and encouragement in either your discipleship to Jesus or leadership of others? Check out our growing library of well-curated resources focused on discipleship and leadership. Don’t see what you need in this season? Shoot us an email! We would love to meet you exactly where you are.

Legacy Weekender | Seattle, WA | February 4th-6th, 2022


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The dream was to create a weekend where women from out of town could come for a retreat surrounding conference weekend. What we hoped and prayed for was that a community of love and friendship would blossom from the experience. And God provided.

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Jesus calls us to be connected to him, much like a vine is connected to its roots. Your heavenly Father is pleading for your time and attention through His invitation to “abide in me.”


Do you feel eager to grow in your faith? We want to offer tangible resources to help you thrive in your walk with the Lord and love others well. 


We want to be a community that is on fire for the Lord. We are hungry for intimacy and fellowship with Jesus because we believe that our time with Him is sacred.


We are not only instructed to love Christ, but also each other! We want to give you advice as you enter into relationships with people from all walks of life. 


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We are all called to lead. Not everyone is called to a stage or a mic, but we are all called to carry God’s name and carry it well in the spheres of influence He has given us. Sister, your life matters more than you can ever fathom. Because of this, we have created an entire series around equipping today’s small group leaders. Let’s be women who step up and out for God. Get equipped and inspired today!

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If you are hungry for understanding and boldness you are in the right place! This is the resource of all resources, categorized and tagged to help you grow in your intimacy with Jesus and boldness in your community. Watch this quick video to learn more about our heart behind our HUB and how to better navigate the content it holds!

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We are all called to lead. Not everyone is called to a stage or a mic, but we are all called to carry God’s name and carry it well in the spheres of influence He has given us. 

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We all ask ourselves, who am I? We question our worth, value, and purpose constantly. This series will be a reminder of the truths of your identity in Christ.

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We often come to a crossroads in life where we don't feel like we have the right road map. We want to give you the tools to walk through the ups and downs.

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WOW, college can be a blur. It can be hard to navigate at times, so praise the Lord we don't have to go through it alone. God is with us in this season.

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